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Martinsville city schools students present 'Lion King Jr.'

MARTINSVILLE, VA – Martinsville City Public Schools students from third to 12th grade presented “Lion King Jr.” on Sunday.

This is the second year director Shauna Hines has featured students of all ages in the annual musical.

“The Lion King Jr. has truly been a learning experience and a delightful one at that. Throughout this experience, students of all grade levels learned to value and respect one another as integral parts of our team. I'm super proud of them all,” Hines stated.

The production, held at Martinsville High School, involved 20 high school students, 15 middle school students, and 16 elementary school students.

“It was fun, because you got to meet new people and it's kind of like having another family away from your home,” Young Simba Caesar Draper said.

Students said the experience helped them develop their confidence and performance skills.

“It taught me to be myself more and it brought my confidence out,” Alex Butler who played Mufasa stated.

What does it take to get into character?

“Normally, I try to go for characters that I fit into most and it takes the personality beforehand to fit into the character very well,” Lean Harris as Zazu said.


Cecille Simpson as Rafiki, Alex Butler as Mufasa, Alyssa Lintag as Sarabi, Leah Harris as Zazu, Maria Johnson as Scar, Caesar Draper as Young Simba, Christian Kissee as Simba, Kamori Dillard as Young Nala, Amber Rountree as Nala, Jalia Dillard as Sarafina, Myasia Dillard as Shenzi, Mason Rorrer as Banzai, Jordan Vaughn as Ed, Hayden Calfee as Timon, and Logan Carter as Pumbaa


KaMya Keen, Jacey Pamintuan, Katherine Rorrer, Monica Watkins and Faith Young


Jalaya Armstrong, Parker Calfee, Qa’Sani Calhoun-Davis, Jennifer Cedillo, Jordan Foster, Hudson Grant, NiJel Gravely, Caden Henderson, Kristen Henderson, Elijah Judkins, Ky’asia Keen, Paishence Manns, Honesty Martin, KaVaughn Muse, Jyshir Plunkett, Jeremiah Porter, Josiah Porter, Aurora Rankin, Samson Ray, Lillian Rorrer, Eli Simpson, Imoni Smith, Veronica Smith, Caroline Snyder, Javonna Stubblefield, Aaliyah Turner, Sydney Varner, Laura Washington, Benjamin Wood, Connor Wotring and Sikolin Wray


Erica Becker was the music director, Sharon Millner and Lateisha Draper were the stage managers, Karla Scales was the choreographer, and Emma Weatherly was the master artistic designer

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