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Martinsville City Council to appoint new member, not hold special election


MARTINSVILLE – Tuesday night, Martinsville City Council voted 3-1 to appoint a new member to fill former Councilwoman Sharon Brooks Hodge's term, which expires December 31, 2020, rather than hold a special election.

Councilwoman Kathy Lawson made the motion to hold an application process to appoint a community member to fill Hodge’s term. Mayor Gene Teague and Vice-Mayor Chad Martin voted for the motion. Councilwoman Jennifer Bowles voted against it.

“I believe due to the length of the remaining term for Councilwoman Hodge that we should consider a special election. Although there has been precedent in the past for appointing council members, I believe everyone at this table should be elected by our citizens. I feel so strongly about this that I even suggested we should elect our school board officials, as we appoint them,” Jennifer Bowles said. Mayor Gene Teague said that he understood the desire for a special election, “but that’s just not what our charter says.”

To apply, you must fill an application no later than August 14. Applications can be submitted at or via mail.

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