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Man, dog rescued from roof of burning Martinsville home

MARTINSVILLE, VA – A man was rescued from a burning home in Martinsville on Wednesday morning.

Firefighters were dispatched to the structure fire in the 300 block of Forest Street around 8:30 a.m.

“Upon arrival, we did have heavy smoke coming from the second floor of the structure and we were able to put ladders to the rear and rescue one occupant and one animal off of the roof,” Martinsville Fire Marshal Andy Powers told BTW21 News at the scene.

Inside the home, firefighters rescued another dog.

There were no reported injuries among the occupants or firefighters.

However, a woman was taken to Sovah Health of Martinsville for evaluation by the Henry County Department of Public Safety.

The American Red Cross provided support services to the five affected occupants.

“After interviewing the occupants, early indications are that a supplemental heater was the cause of the fire,” Fire Marshal Powers stated. “Of course, we haven't made it inside right now. We will go in and try to dig that room out to determine the actual cause.”

According to crews, the fire caused extensive damage to the second floor and attic, accompanied by water and smoke damage throughout the home.

Preliminary damage estimates amount to $60,000.

Assistance was also rendered by Martinsville Public Works and the Martinsville Police Department.

“We'd like to take this time to remind all of our viewers to be safe if they're using supplemental heaters during this cold winter time,” Powers added. “Keep them away from combustibles and make sure they follow their manufacturers recommendations on where to place them and how to use them.”

Martinsville Fire & EMS urges Martinsville and Henry County citizens to install free smoke detectors.

City residents can call 276-403-5325, while county residents can call 276-634-4660 for free installation.

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