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Livy's ice cream shop plans to expand by opening storefront

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

COLLINSVILLE – After just 4 months of opening, Livy’s ice cream shop is planning to expand.

Owner Rodney Billings announced Monday that Livy's plans to open the building located next door to the original shop in October.  

Billings said he wanted this expansion to happen, but didn't expect it would come so soon.

"It's exciting to get to this point so quickly and we wouldn't be here without the support of the community. We're open seven days a week and every single day, we see some folks that come back everyday," Billings said.

Renovations of the building located at 2824 Virginia Avenue will cost over $20,000, which will include exterior and interior renovations.

"Mostly, what you're going to see is the renovations that we do on the outside, which is a large covered porch with a lot of seating. We are going to go with the old country store theme," Billings added.

What will happen to the original ice cream shop?

"That is the biggest question. We do plan on utilizing this shop some where else. That is to be determined. We're still talking with Homestead Creamery and other jurisdictions," Billings said.

State Farm Agent Chris Starnes will continue to support with picnic table seating and overflow parking at his location.

Livy’s ice cream shop currently offers 16 Homestead Creamery favors and plans to expand the menu at the new storefront. 

And yes, milkshakes are in the future of the ice cream shop.

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