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Henry County School Board approves five administrative positions

TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Marcelle Millner, Jalyn Daniels-Boyd, David Scott BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ben Boone, Tiffiny Gravely

HENRY COUNTY – The School Board of Henry County approved the Superintendent’s recommendation to fill five administrative positions at their July 12 meeting.

  • Ben Boone will be interim Director of Student Support Services. Currently, Boone serves as principal at Axton Elementary School. He has served the students of HCPS as a teacher, administrative intern, assistant principal, and principal. “I am grateful for the wonderful experiences I have had working collectively with families, teachers, and other school staff members throughout Henry County. Henry County Public Schools has been an exceptional place to work and I am looking forward to the new opportunity as the interim Director of Student Services. Putting students first and working together with families, school leaders, staff, and community members will help to ensure we prepare our young learners for a successful future.”

  • Jalyn Daniels-Boyd will be interim principal at Axton Elementary School. She currently serves as the assistant principal at Axton Elementary and Drewry Mason Elementary schools, a position she has held for four years. Previously, Daniels-Boyd served students as an assistant principal, RTI/504 coordinator, principal, and special education teacher. “I have loved the opportunity of working at Axton, and I am very excited to continue being a part of the Axton community. I have a vested interest in each student’s academic success and personal growth. I look forward to continuing to work with the staff as we build upon our strong academics and programs, allowing students to show the growth and success they are capable of achieving.”

  • Tiffiny Gravely will be principal at Bassett High School. Gravely, who was appointed interim principal in June, has served students as an assistant principal, counselor, and teacher. “I am extremely honored to continue to serve the teachers, students, and parents of Bassett High School in this capacity. I look forward to expanding the tradition of academic excellence that our dynamic staff, dedicated parents, and involved community members have fostered. I look forward to supporting our students with rigorous and authentic learning experiences that will prepare them to succeed in today’s increasingly complex and globally competitive world.”

  • D. Marcelle Millner will be assistant principal at GW Carver Elementary School. Millner has served students in Rockingham County, North Carolina schools as a teacher since 2006. “I am very excited about coming to GW Carver Elementary. I believe that every child deserves a champion and it is my goal to support students by letting them know that I will never give up on them because I want them to be the best they can be.”

  • David Scott will be Interim Assistant Superintendent for Operations and Administrative Services. Scott has served as the Director of Student Support Services for the last two years and has previously served students as a principal, assistant principal, athletic director, and teacher. “I am excited about a new opportunity to work in the support of the schools and educators as they deliver the highest quality education to our students. In particular, I look forward to collaborating with the hard-working men and women on the Operations side of the school division’s work, who continuously improve and enhance the resources available to our students. I am both honored and humbled to serve Henry County Public Schools in this capacity as we accomplish the goals outlined in our strategic plan."

The appointments were approved by the School Board after reconvening from closed session.

“The division’s priority of putting students first is a core value that each of these leaders exhibits in all they do. We are so pleased to have each of them support student growth and success in their new roles for the coming school year,” said Sandy Strayer, Acting Superintendent.

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