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Henry County PSA Chairman presides over final meeting

HENRY COUNTY, VA – The long-time chairman of the Henry County Public Service Authority Board of Directors, Gerry Lawicki, presided over his final meeting on Monday.

Lawicki, whose term will end January 5, 2023, has served as the representative of the Iriswood District for 20 years and as chairman of the Board for 14 years.

“I want to thank the organization for allowing me to serve on the Board,” Lawicki said. “It’s been tremendous working with all of you. This organization is truly special. I’ve found that if you start off with quality folks and you give them motivation and direction, then they generally come through for you. It’s been a great ride and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.”

During his tenure as chairman, Lawicki led the effort to consolidate resources and personnel with Henry County which resulted in significant savings for both organizations, according to the county.

The county said Lawicki championed “fiscal responsibility” which led to consistent financial growth for the PSA.

The value of the PSA’s total assets has increased by approximately $14 million since 2008.

However, this growth did not come at the expense of customers, according to the county.

There has only been one rate increase since Lawicki took over as chairman.

Numerous capital projects were also initiated or completed under Lawicki, including: the Irisburg Water Tank Project, the Preston Road Water Project, the Fieldale Lead Service Project and the extension of water and sewer services to Commonwealth Crossing Business Centre.

“Mr. Lawicki has been a tremendous asset to the PSA and his leadership will be truly missed,” said Dale Wagoner, General Manager of the PSA. “He has been a great advocate for his district and I’m confident his replacement will carry on that mantle.”

Curtis Millner, an Army veteran and former chairman of the Henry County School Board, has been appointed to succeed Lawicki as the representative of the Iriswood District.

In other matters, the Board: Approved a $1,000 stipend for full-time employees and a prorated stipend to part-time employees based on the number of hours that they work. Funds for the stipends will come from savings due to vacant positions and revenue growth.

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