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Franklin County deputies honored at veteran's festival

LEFT TO RIGHT: Pictured are 7 of the 11 deputies honored, Deputy Tim Mayo, Investigator Austin Kenny, Lt. Ken Holland, Sheriff Overton, Investigator Steven Burgoyne, Deputy Howard Ziegler, Deputy Amy Galliher and Deputy Jesse Scalf, not pictured: Deputy Zach Shaffer, Sgt. Justin Hylton, Deputy Justin Crawford and Major Mike Bowman

MONETA – Saturday, Crazy Horse Marina was the place to be for the Guts, Glory and Guitars. The event had awesome food, great live music, flyovers and much more. All proceeds went to the Veteran’s Outdoor Fund which offers healing opportunities for veterans and their families by allowing quality outdoor time. The event also honored the 11 members of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office that are either veterans or currently serving in our Armed Forces. Sheriff Bill Overton said, "The special way they are recognizing veterans and raising money to allow them quality family time is so important. The event has been wonderfully organized and we are so thankful to attend. Special thanks to Chris Bechtler and all the fine staff at Crazy Horse Marina for hosting this afternoon and many thanks to our veterans and those serving today. This is a great honor being bestowed on these 11 deputies of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office."

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