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EMT working in Patrick County suspended after Neo-Nazi podcast surfaces

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

PATRICK COUNTY – A white supremacist and Neo-Nazi podcaster works as an EMT for Jeb Stuart Rescue Squad in Patrick County. Alex McNabb is suspended from the part-time job and is under investigation by the Virginia Department of Health after an anonymous complaint was submitted on November 26. The investigation, which could last up to 60 days, has grained national attention after being published in the Huffington Post Saturday.

Dr. Lock Boyce, chairman of the Patrick County Board of Supervisors, will introduce a resolution for an immediate suspension of the county’s funding to the rescue squad until McNabb is fired. The meeting will take place Monday.

McNabb, who attended the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, compares African-American patients to animals and refers to patients by racist slurs on the podcast. During one episode, he told of a story when an African-American male child visited the emergency room to get blood drawn. “Dr. Narcan [McNabb's podcast persona] enjoyed great, immense satisfaction as he terrorized this youngster with a needle and stabbed him thusly in the arm with a large-gauge IV catheter.” Only small-gauge needles are used for children, because large-gauge needles can bruise them. This raises questions on McNabb's ability to make life-and-death decisions for patients of color and other minorities.

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