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Carlisle School to host open house Wednesday

HENRY COUNTY – “It’s an ideal time, with it being our 50th anniversary, to showcase the excellence of Carlisle,” said Head of School, Gracie Agnew.

On Wednesday from 9 AM to noon, Carlisle School invites prospective students with their parents as well as members of the community to an open house event, where guests will see the college preparatory school in action.

In 1968, the school opened its doors to the first students. It was founded by business leaders, educators and professional people who were interested in providing a community-based school, which combined superior academics with high personal standards. Fifty years later, the intent is the same.

There’s a reason parents, grandparents and students choose the multi-generational educational path year after year, which stems from the pupils themselves.

“Students will tell you that they feel safe and that they feel cared about,” Agnew said. “They feel as though they are part of a family.”

With small classroom sizes, most with no more than 13 students, the familial atmosphere radiates through the hallways of the Lower, Middle and Upper School. Each sect of Carlisle offers a secure place for children as young as three years of age to college bound high school students to learn and grow in an environment that fosters strong academic skills alongside creativity.

While Carlisle takes pride in its focus on individualized learning, there’s more to a quality education than the number of desks that fill a classroom.

“It’s not just small class sizes. You can have small class sizes with no instructional substance,” Agnew said. “We have excellent teachers who teach the whole child, who make learning fun, and who hold the bar high.”

Demonstrating a genuine interest in each child’s educational journey, teachers keep communication lines open in Carlisle classrooms.

“Students feel free to ask questions and are engaged in active learning,” Agnew said.

The individualized attention helps students succeed in the classroom and excel academically.

Pairing small class sizes with dedicated teachers often brings about impressive results. Students educated at Carlisle regularly perform higher than the national average on SAT tests and receive qualifying scores on AP tests. Middle school

students read a minimum of 30 books a year, and lower school students read an average of 20.

On Wednesday, Carlisle School invites the public to enjoy refreshments and student-led tours of the campus, located at 300 Carlisle Road in Axton.

“They’re going to be able to visit classrooms, talk with administrators, parents and students,” Agnew said.

Located right in Martinsville’s backyard, Carlisle School could be the answer for those seeking a top-tier educational facility nestled in a safe, picturesque setting.

“Right here, we have this jewel,” Agnew commented. “We want parents to know of available options when decisions are being made about their child’s education; we want them to know about Carlisle.”

Those interested in attending Carlisle School’s open house are encouraged to register for the event at

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