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$50,000 donation creates nursing scholarship at PHCC

LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Greg Hodges, PHCC’s Vice President of Academic and Student Success Services; Connie Brewer, the executor of the Martha Lou Henry Estate; Dr. Angeline Godwin, PHCC’s President; and Tiffani Underwood, the interim director of the PHCC Foundation

MARTINSVILLE – Every nurse has the opportunity to change lives for the better. It would not be possible to estimate the number of lives Martha Lou Henry touched over her life time. For over four decades, she served as a nurse at Children’s Medical Center in Martinsville, VA. After she passed away in 2018, she set into place a legacy that will continue to impact the community and change lives for the better for many years to come.

To benefit the area’s future nurses, Henry left over $50,000 to Patrick Henry Community College. The donation will be used to create the Martha Lou Henry Endowed Nursing Scholarship which will be awarded yearly to eligible nursing students. Recipients will be able to use the scholarship for tuition, textbooks, testing fees, uniforms, or supplies. Henry’s donation also includes a $10,000 allowance for immediate student needs within the nursing program. These funds can be used by the nursing faculty and program director’s discretion to cover students’ needs as they arise.

“What a wonderful gift for our students to receive from a nurse who has served the community for many years,” says Tiffani Underwood who is the Interim Executive Director of the PHCC Foundation. “By passing on her nursing legacy in this way, Martha is providing a wonderful opportunity for our students - opening doors for them to pursue bright futures.”

Connie Brewer, the executor of the estate, presented the donations to the college Wednesday.

“PHCC provides our area with nurses who demonstrate professionalism. We are fortunate to have this program in our community,” says Brewer who was a long-time friend of Martha Lou Henry. “It means a lot to me that Martha’s memory will live on through these nursing students.”

The college was not the only recipient of Martha Lou Henry donation. She also left over $50,000 to the First United Methodist Church where she was a member for many years.

“We are very grateful,” says Pastor Keith Ritchie. “Though Martha is no longer with us, her thoughtfulness and gift will continue to bless the church and its members for many years.”

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