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47 Bassett High School students inducted into National Honor Society

LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1: Elyssa Kancherla, Sydney Martin, Aaliyah Craig, Cara Oakes, Donica Basica, MaKayla Sprouse, Allison Laine ROW 2: Jennifer Murillo, Abigail Stone, Brooke Tilley, Kennedy Wilkins, Taylor Martin, Maggie Arnold, Caitlin Barker, Megan Scott, Miriam Coleman, Caroline Cook, Blake Deal, Taylor Jo Gary ROW 3: Parker Martin, Madeline Bishop, Sydney Compton, Mackenzie Corum, Ignacio Ruiz-Sanchez, Carson Arnold, Campbell Ferguson, Lacey Flanagan, Camille Foley, Stormie Foley, Tabatha Hall, Logan Kinkema, Josh Landon ROW 4: Ceirra Clark, Taylor Vaught, Carlee Cockram, Kyeem Dicks, Samantha Edwards, Steele Foley, Cameron Haynes, Noah Inman, Olivia Manns, Brooklyn Martin, Rebecka Perez, Virginia Philpott, Emily Sechrist, Dylan Sigmon, Austin Witcher

BASSETT – 47 students from Bassett High School were inducted as new members of the National Honor Society in a ceremony held at the school on Tuesday.

To be eligible for membership consideration, students must have a cumulative GPA of 92 and above. In addition, candidates must meet high standards of leadership, service, and character.

Members of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes were evaluated and selected by the Faculty Council of the chapter.

Leadership is based on the student’s participation in community, church, or school activities, or election to an office for a club or organization.

To meet the service requirement, the student must have been an active participant in service projects in both the school and community.

Character is measured in terms of integrity, behavior, ethics, and cooperation with both the student body and the faculty.

Students are reviewed by a Faculty Council consisting of five members of the faculty appointed by the chapter adviser.

“We are very proud to recognize these outstanding members of our student body. National Honor Society members are chosen for and then expected to continue their exemplary contributions to the school and community,” said Amy Jarrett, chapter adviser.

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